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(Tom Yam Chicken)

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ٵõ  (Tom Yam Chicken)
ǹ   (Tom Yam Chicken)


͹ͧ蹪鹾ͤ 250
ҷغ 100
Ѵҡ Ѵ غ 3-4
Сٴա 80
Թ 80
紪ԢǵѴ⤹ 80
紹ҧѴ⤹ 80


ӻ 3 ͹
ԡ˹šҺ 1/2 ͹
й 2-3 ͹
Ӿԡ 1 ͹


250 g sliced chicken thigh fillets
100 g bruised, galangal
3-4 stalks of trimmed lemongrass, bruised
80 g hand torn, kaffir lime leaves
80 g cut, Orinji mushroom
80 g trimmed, Shimaji mushroom
80 g trimmed, black oyster mushroom
3 c. water


3 tbs. fish sauce
½ tbs. roughly pounded, bird eyes chili
2-3 tbs. lime juice
1 tbs. chili in oil

Preparation Time : ҡѵشԺ Cook Time : ҡûا Serving : ӹǹ
0.15ҷ 0.15ҷ 2
 0 § 0 ҧä 0
Ѵҹ§ ҧä


1. ӹ ҷغ غ Сٴ ʹ ǵʹç

In deep base pot, add water, galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves and bring to the boil. Continue to simmer until aroma.

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2. ʹ

Add chicken thigh fillets and continue to heat for 3-5 minutes or until chicken are cooked.

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3. Թ 紪 紹ҧ اʴ¹ӻ ء Դ

Add Orinji mushroom, Shimaji mushroom and Black oyster mushroom. Season with fish sauce and continue to simmer just until all mushroom are cooked. Turn the heat off.

Recipe 382559134810.jpgRecipe 382559134826.jpgRecipe 382559134836.jpg

4. ԡ˹š Ӿԡ й ѡ

In the serving bowl, add roughly pounded bird eyes chili, chili in oil, lime juice and mix well. Gently pour Tom Yum soup to the serving bowl and serve.

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